Mission Statement

To improve the overall mental wellbeing and stress within the workplace. Our aim is to make a significant difference to employee’s wellbeing by educating them to a high standard. We provide people with the knowledge, support and tools to successfully minimise stress and maximise good mental health.

Our motto

‘Knowledge is power’…but without action, it’s powerless.

What people say about us

A few words from some of the fascinating people we have met on our journey so far.

More about the team


After suffering from poor mental health in his early teens and spending years of research into his condition, Matt helped set up the charity ‘BIG in mental health’. He then trained in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), biofeedback and mindfulness and started his own therapy practice which has been highly successful. Matt occasionally provides training to junior doctors as part of their psychiatric training on the subject of anxiety disorders. He has helped hundreds of anxiety and depression sufferers reach recovery and often where others have failed. Matt enjoys playing guitar and spends much of his time travelling.


Sean is Matt’s childhood friend and after suffering with OCD and depression sought help from Matt. Seans journey of recovery has been one of great success and he attributes this to gaining a good understanding of the mind. Sean is a musician but has since trained in CBT therapy and is now a recognised psychotherapist who has given many successful presentations to the workplace. Sean enjoys family time, watching Manchester City and fronting his band Alias Kid.


Although Amy has never personally experienced poor mental health she knows the dangers of it well. Amy has good insight into mental health both from the perspective of the wife of a former sufferer of agoraphobia and depression and also as a workplace mental health advocate. Amy is a property lawyer and also a Mental Health First Aider. In her spare time Amy enjoys travel, photography, leisurely country walks and spending quality time with the family.