Our dedicated and passionate team have a wealth of experience in the mental health field which include counselling, mental health training and presentations. Our team have had personal experience of mental health complaints and in overcoming them. We believe that this professional and personal combination is fundamental to our approach and continued success.

Our goal is simple - to improve the overall mental wellbeing within the workplace and effectively improve people's lives. We take enormous pride in our ability to bring a completely different approach to the way in which mental health solutions are brought to the workplace. We believe that the best way to do this is by giving good comprehensive understanding to all. This is conducted by simple and yet incredibly effective methods.

A brief history

MindSafe began in 2016 by psychotherapist Matt Cole. As a young lad Matt struggled himself with anxiety problems which affected his life quite dramatically. After his recovery in 2006 he helped to set up a mental health charity where he ran over 400 support groups helping hundreds of anxiety and depression sufferers achieve recovery. Later he received the Queens Award for Voluntary Services (QAVS) for his outstanding dedication and achievement.

In 2014, he became a qualified psychotherapist and set up his own therapy practice specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders. It was during this time that he met Jason Anker MBE who runs Health and Safety company Proud2bSafe and a special bond unfolded. Jason suggested that Matt should bring his wealth of experience and unique ability to help others into the workplace. It was a natural progression for Matt with his background and so began two years of research and writing to what became MindSafe.


Trying to keep the overall objective simple and clear and not become too influenced and side tracked by current workplace mental health solutions has been at the forefront of our minds throughout our development. Our team have all demonstrated their own ability to successfully improve people’s wellbeing in previous professions so our focus has been on how we can deliver this ability to the employee through the workplace platform. We have been careful to make our presentations appeal to all, not just those who experience poor mental health but also those who don't - everybody will gain something constructive and positive from our talks. We keep a keen eye on the latest research and studies in areas of interest to keep our talks fresh and in-line with current developments.

We can meet a variety of your needs:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the most common forms of mental health complaints: stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism caused by stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Improve stress management.
  • Help your workforce to become more mindful, resilient and emotionally intelligent promoting a healthy and happy workplace.
  • Highly educational presentations which cater for all are delivered in just one hour! Maximum impact – minimum disruption.
  • Monthly emails offering insight into latest mental health research, interesting facts, lifestyle suggestions.
  • A variety of in-house support to choose from – support groups/ counselling/stress profiling/drop-ins to suit your company needs.
  • Private therapy – One to one, Skype or telephone at discounted rates.
  • Add value to any existing company mental health measures.
  • Real life experiences and examples to help your staff feel confident applying their learning in an everyday setting.
  • Mindsafe posters to display within your business to bring awareness.


Stress profiling

Our Team

Matt, Sean and Amy are a small intimate team with passion, dedication and a wealth of knowledge between them.